Groundswell Fund is the only national foundation led by women of color and transgender people of color who come directly out of community, labor and electoral organizing. More than 300 donors and 30 foundations give us dollars to redistribute because they believe that when resources are directed by this kind of leadership, the giving will look different.


Vanessa Daniel

Executive Director

Judy Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra DelValle

Senior Director Special Projects Initiative

Quanita Toffie

Senior Director of Groundswell Action Fund

Tara Shuai Ellison headshot

Tara Shuai Ellison

Deputy Director

julieta garibay headshot

Julieta Garibay

Senior Capacity Building Director

Meenakshi Menon

Chief Development Officer

Sheena Johnson

Sheena Johnson

Senior Director of Grantmaking

Wen Brovold

Wen Brovold

Communications Director

Lanita Morris

Lanita Morris

Program Manager, Grassroots Organizing Institute

Victoria Cepeida-Mojarro

Program Director of Groundswell Action Fund

Bev Avery

IT Manager

Angella Bellota headshot

Angella Bellota

Foundation Relations Manager

Janet Favela Sonneman

Capacity Building Trainer

Naa Hammond

Senior Program Officer

Cecilia Sáenz Becerra

Program Officer

Jazmin Edwards

Human Resources and Operations Manager

Krystal Kwong

Program Associate

Bre Rivera photo

Bré Rivera

Program Fellow, Black Trans Fund

Evelyn Quintana

Program Assistant

Jessica Amascual

Interim Development Assistant

HunterDae Little-Goodridge

Interim Program Assistant


Rocio L. Córdoba, J.D. (Chair)

Executive Director,
Funders for Reproductive Equity

Kiyomi Fujikawa (Secretary)

Co-Director, Third Wave Fund

Jamia Wilson

Executive Director, Feminist Press

Brook Kelly-Green

Director, Gender and Reproductive Equity Grantmaking, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Karen Grove

Chair, Grove Foundation and President, Grove Action Fund

Nicole Gonzalez head shot

Nicolle Gonzales, CNM

Dine’ Nurse-Midwife, Navajo Nation

Vanessa Daniel

Executive Director, Groundswell Fund


Catherine Lerza

Sr. Advisor

Korwin Consulting

External Evaluator

Mari Ryono

External Evaluator

Elsa Rios

Organizational Development Consultant

Integrated Voter Engagement Program Coaches

Grassroots Organizing Institute Coaches