What We Do

Funder Organizing

Networks like ours make new worlds possible.

Groundswell Fund is focused on raising the visibility of its grantees and the sightlines of the philanthropic community.

To be clear, we want to shift the thinking and the giving of philanthropy. At the foundation level.

That’s why, as a whole organization we connect thousands of donors and foundations to support racial and gender justice and grassroots organizing by emphasizing People of Color-led and movement-accountable giving.

We also work to maintain a strong presence within at least ten funder and donor affinity groups and networks, present at dozens of meetings and events every year, regularly host educational events for donors and foundation staff in order to do just that.


Groundswell Fund follows those who know the drill

We advance the Blueprint for our work by aligning our efforts with powerful foundations already in the work of building collective power in communities in critical proximities to harm. We know that reproductive justice is about more than abortion access.

Coming Clean

Image courtesy of Coming Clean

Consider our grantee Coming Clean

As you may know, people of childbearing age, pregnant women, and children are acutely vulnerable to the hazardous impacts of industrial chemicals.

Coming Clean – an organization led by and for women of color –  who has been working since 2001 in commitment to intersectional, women of color-led grassroots environmental justice organizations led projects across the country.

What’s Coming Clean’s purpose? They protect local communities from the dangers of the chemical and fossil fuel industry.

In 2021, thanks in part to support from the Catalyst Fund, Coming Clean supported local initiatives in Delaware, Kentucky, and Texas to New Mexico and California on projects aligned with their vision.

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