Bringing People and Investors Together to Make Bold Change

Our belief that intersectional organizing plays a critical role within social change means that our grantmaking is broad, and our blueprints are sharp.

Over a thousand individual donors of all races and genders and 40 private foundations give into Groundswell.

Women of color and transgender and gender-expansive people of color who come out of grassroots organizing lead, decide where the resources go, and receive funds.


Essential, Long Term, Flexible Funding

We remain designed by women of color and trans and gender-expansive people of color – including many of the most prominent grassroots movement leaders of our time – Groundswell’s approach is thoughtful, sound, and well-aimed at the most promising and impactful organizations.

For the past two decades, Groundswell has moved more than $100 million in grants and capacity-building support to nearly 300 organizations across 49 states and territories. We are proof that when a foundation is run by and for those who come out of grassroots organizing, the giving looks different.

We have also increased the giving of dozens of national and local foundations and helped bring thousands of new individual investors to support intersectional organizing and reproductive justice.

Today, Groundswell is one of the largest funders of the Reproductive Justice movement, and a leading funder of intersectional organizing across nearly every major social change movement.


Black Mamas Matter Alliance

Centering Reproductive Justice

While our work has expanded, Reproductive Justice (RJ) remains the heart and soul of our work. Groundswell is also the only foundation in the country with a fund dedicated to making midwifery and doula care and training accessible to women of color, low-income women, and transgender people — a proven path to reducing racial disparities in infant and maternal health outcomes in the most vulnerable communities. Check out an impact story from BJF Grantee Black Mamas Matter Alliance

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