RJ Impact Report

For over 14 years, our annual evaluation of the Reproductive Justice (RJ) Movement has provided funders, grantmaking partners, donors, and the field with an overarching analysis of trends, challenges, and emerging issues. On June 23, 2022, the day before SCOTUS overturned Roe, Groundswell presented the 2021 findings along with an incredible panel of Groundswell grantees.

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Groundswell’s giving looks different.

  • $100M in grants have been moved to the grassroots since our inception in 2003
  • 90% of the money we move goes to women of color-led organizing
  • 229 organizations across 49 states and territories received funding in 2021

Statement Regarding Roe v. Wade

With Roe v. Wade overturned, philanthropy cannot be complacent or operate as if this is business as usual. Our models cannot prioritize incremental change. Our highest purpose is to unlock resources for the grassroots RJ leaders and organizations doing the most liberatory work, moving money quickly and flexibly to the field.


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We are a channel into which individual donors and foundations can pour resources to reach vital work at the grassroots.