What is Reproductive Justice?

Reproductive Justice (RJ) is a theoretical framework and a practical strategy for change:


Audre Lorde once said “There is no such thing as a single issue struggle, because we do not live single issue lives.” The RJ movement addresses the full spectrum of reproductive issues that impact people’s lives: including the right to access affordable and high quality abortion, contraception, midwifery and doula care and comprehensive sex education; the right to be free from gender-based violence and criminal justice and immigration systems that disrupt the right to parent by tearing families apart; and the right to live and work in an environment free of reproductive toxins.


RJ centers the engagement and leadership of those who experience the greatest reproductive health disparities and face the greatest barriers to reproductive freedom: women of color, low-income women and transgender people.


RJ uses grassroots organizing, voter engagement, and community-based models to affect policy and systems change.