A Bold Pledge to Protect Abortion Access and Reproductive Justice


Last month’s leaked decision on Roe v. Wade confirmed what many of us anticipated, yet was no less shocking. While attacks on abortion access and bodily autonomy are not new, the draft decision highlighted the necessity of reproductive justice organizing and power building.

At this moment, it is critical for us to not only stand together but for donors and funders to flank movement organizations and leaders, moving critical resources to the field quickly and flexibly. In this spirit, we urge you to join Groundswell in signing on to our pledge titled, The Time is Now: Join Bold Philanthropic Pledge to Protect Abortion Access and Reproductive Justice. 

Created by a coalition of funders and other stakeholders, including Funders for Justice, Funders for Reproductive Equity, Groundswell Fund, Ms. Foundation for Women, and the Women’s Funding Network, this sign-on letter outlines five immediate actions that philanthropy can take to protect abortion access and bodily autonomy. Our goal is to reinforce our longstanding commitment to this work and organize others within philanthropy to be in greater service to the RJ movement.

Individuals and organizations can sign on here. Please note: there is a delay between completing the form and when your name and/or organization appears.

We encourage our peer funders to show up at this moment by being bold, transparent, and clear about your commitment to the RJ movement and women of color and trans and gender-expansive people of color leadership, a movement Groundswell has funded for 18 years.

The time is now.