2022 Individual Fund Reports


We are pleased to be releasing our individual fund reports for 2022! These reports give you an overview of how much each fund disbursed over the course of that year, the total number of grantees we funded for that year, and a visual map of how much we’ve progressed in our 2020-2025 Blueprint goal for each fund.

The immense generosity of our community of supporters has enabled Groundswell Fund and our sibling 501(c)(4) organization, Groundswell Action Fund, to move nearly $180 million to the field. This makes Groundswell one of the largest funders of both the reproductive justice movement and women of color-led organizing in the United States.

Click on the image to read our 2022 Fund reports!

2022 Birth Justice Fund Report

2022 Black Trans Fund Report

2022 Catalyst Fund for Reproductive Justice Report

2022 Liberation Fund Report

2022 Rapid Response Fund Report