2022 Impact Report Released


Pushing Back, Pushing Forward

History teaches us that whenever social justice movements make progress, there is an equal and opposite level of backlash. And the backlash we’re currently facing cannot be overstated. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the repeal of Roe v. Wade last year.

With escalating attacks on bodily autonomy and voting rights alongside a global trend toward fascism and white supremacy, our democracy hangs in the balance. And the urgency with which we do this work is at an all-time high.

We’re pleased to present Groundswell Fund’s 2022 Impact Report.

Thank you

Due to the support of people like you, we’re able to redirect significant resources to the boldest, most innovative, intersectional organizing led by women of color – particularly those who are Black, Indigenous, transgender, and gender-expansive.

We invite you to explore Groundswell Fund’s 2022 Impact Report to learn about the fantastic work our grantee partners accomplished due to your investment in our collective liberation.

Because of your support, Groundswell Fund's giving reaches across the nation.

  • $15M distributed in grants and capacity-building support
  • 252 organizations defending and advancing bodily autonomy supported
  • 49 states and territories represented


A Transformational Investment

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Our highest purpose is to unlock resources for organizations doing the most liberatory work, moving money quickly and flexibly to the field.

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