2022 Climate Justice Report: Impact on Earth


After the recent destruction and loss of lives caused by Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Ian, we are reminded to look at how climate change disproportionately devastates BIPOC and low-income communities.

We invite you to read our Climate Justice Report: Impact on Earth, which explores the work our BIPOC and women-led grantee partners are doing nationally and locally to minimize the impact of climate change and advance environmental justice.

Impact on Earth represents the work of more than 48 grantees in 20 states and seven national organizations, including:

  • Florida Rising Together’s work to provide disaster-preparedness training in six languages and prevent evictions during natural disasters
  • Women’s Voices for the Earth’s efforts to nationally amplify women’s voices to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that harm their health and communities
  • Got Green’s pressure on Washington State legislature to pass the Heal Act, a major step in eliminating environmental and health disparities among communities of color

Our grantee partners are working to ensure a safe future and cleaner Earth for us all, and we are excited to support their efforts. Groundswell continues to invest in these Black, Indigenous, women, and people of color-led organizations that are at the forefront of organizing efforts because they have the clearest insight into the harms of climate change and environmental injustice and the best, most creative solutions.

We urge others in philanthropy to read the report and join us in investing in BIPOC and women-led organizations at the forefront of climate and environmental justice efforts.