Meet Our Team

Rainier Miles

Black Trans Fund Program Associate


Rainier Miles is a Black, disabled, trans, social justice activist who has more than a decade of experience in community collaboration, organization, and outreach. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies. Rainier draws from his lived experience and education to advocate for reparations, representation, and inclusion. Along with his exceptional organizational skills, Rainier brings 12 years of client support, administration, and event planning experience to Groundswell Fund. You can just call him “Captain Plan It.”

Prior to joining Groundswell Fund, Rainier worked as an executive function consultant, where he helped political figures plan for future campaigns, medical professionals run their practices, and birth workers navigate their busy lives. By empowering each client to ask for help and advocate for themselves and their needs, Rainier not only aided them in organizing their lives, but also allowed them to release the ableist idea that all minds must work the same.

Rainier enjoys art and nature (he is a native Pacific Northwesterner after all) and in his free time you can find him outside lounging in the shade, creating art with his kiddo, or enjoying a picnic with his family. As a proud Black parent, Rainier believes it is important to “flip the script” and remind his little one of all the positives found in the Black community such as black boy joy, black girl magic and black excellence, instead of promoting the negative and harmful representation of Black culture found in the media and society. Rainier strongly believes that representation matters, and he can’t wait to continue spreading Black positivity.