Jai’ Shavers

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Jai’ Shavers



Jai’ Celestial Shavers (He/Him) is a Black Queer Feminist, Abolitionist, and Southern Boi with a passion for hitting his lil jig, cooking meals for his fam, and keeping your elder’s favorite quotes alive and in rotation. Born and raised in Baton Rouge and politicized in New Orleans, Jai’ holds over 10 years of training and facilitation experience. He’s been active in organizing campaigns to end criminalization, policing, deportation, and confinement since 2013. He’s been an active member of BYP100-New Orleans since 2015. When he’s not supporting BYP100 chapters in the South, Jai helps foster leadership of young Trans and queer Blaq folx through his work with SoftBoi Consulting.


Why did you agree to join BTF’s advisory committee?

“I agreed to join this advisory committee to expand my work of changing material conditions for Black Transfolks! Too many times I’ve had to sit in the room with funders who don’t look anything like me and tell stories of me and my communities over and over for chump change. US funding US is such important work and I’m super excited and honored to be a part of this!”