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Meet Our Team

Evelyn Quintana

Grantmaking Program Associate


Evelyn Quintana is a non-binary sweetheart who was born in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico and raised throughout Colorado. Their lived experience navigating the immigration system and personal studies have positioned them to advocate for immigration, workers’ rights, reproductive, gender, environmental, and racial justice through a decolonized lens.

Evelyn has 7 years of experience in the service and hospitality industry. In 2019, they were a fellow of Third Wave Fund’s Sex Worker Giving Circle, which awakened a deep appreciation for the need and power of social justice philanthropy. Evelyn and other fellows were responsible for fundraising and grant-making to move $600,000 to sex worker-led organizations – the largest amount to date in history. They spend their free time with their partner and plants, love to cook, watch cartoons, read, and volunteer with grassroots organizations that strengthen their community.