Meet Our Team

Eugenio Smith

Grassroots Organizing Institute Coach


Eugenio Smith brings over 11 years of organizing and facilitation experience to the IVE program. Eugenio was formerly the Capacity Building Manager at Western States Center and worked with social justice-minded organizations to expand their work to be inclusive for all and to become reproductive, LGBTQ, immigrant and racial justice champions.

Prior to Western States, Eugenio was Program Director at Equality Utah, where they worked on LGBTQ nondiscrimination policy. Before moving west, Eugenio worked for Equality Maryland, focusing on coalition building, management, education, and organizing for transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination policy, the DREAM Act, and marriage equality in the legislature and at the ballot box.

Eugenio has facilitated many inclusivity and skills-building trainings, worked to find and get out the stories of the most impacted in communities, and built leadership programs for transgender organizers. Eugenio believes strongly in inclusive community empowerment and engagement, and that there are many ways to change hearts and minds to experience true liberation for all.