eli dru

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eli dru

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eli is a community organizer from the Bronx working with Black trans-led initiatives internationally, committed to engaging in political and popular education. eli is dedicated to aiding engagement in social conversation around the fight to abolish the prison industrial complex beyond the binary. He engages in creating spaces for Black trans men and masculine people to explore masculinity and manhood using a Black feminist and womanist framework.

They enjoy helping Black intersex, gender variant, nonbinary, & gender nonconforming people get their material needs met through crowdfunding and networking for non-monetary support. Committed to studying radical Black tradition, they hope to continue to learn with community, strategize and practice tangible ways to contribute to radically restructuring our communities to exist without police and prisons/jails/detention centers. 8TOABOLITION.COM


Why did you join BTF’s Advisory Committee?

I agreed to join the BTF committee because I believe in Bré’s vision, and want to contribute to Black trans people getting the resources they need for Black trans liberation.