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Aaryn Lang

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Aaryn Lang(NY) (she/her/hers) is a Black, Ohio-born, consultant, writer, public speaker, and media personality. Miss Lang’s primary focus is championing the social, economic, and political well-being of the Transgender community, specifically the needs of Black Transgender women. Currently, Miss Lang is developing IGABI Consulting, a consulting practice where she will guide individuals and organizations in moving toward a more just world for Black Transgender people. She aims to use her skills as an organizer, facilitator, and content creator to advise philanthropic entities on how to best shift resources to the Black Trans community.

Follow her on Instagram. Contact her for media inquiries, consulting, and collaboration at www.AarynLang.com

Why did you agree to join BTF’s advisory committee?

“For too long now, Black trans women have had our demands for employment and Black trans leadership met with tokenization and further exploitation of our communities. I understand The Black Trans Fund as meeting those demands and then some. I agreed to join The Black Trans fund’s advisory board because I believe in Black trans leadership, full stop. Black trans people deserve the resources to engage our communities as we see fit, in the ways that are most relevant to our respective bases. It’s an honor to support this work in any way that I can.”