Reproductive Health and Rights Victories In an Era of Backlash

Strengthening Abortion Access

In the midst of rising totalitarianism and fascism in the U.S., Bold Futures’ and Strong Families New Mexico helped overturn a 1969 statute that criminalized abortion.

This move strengthens abortion access in New Mexico should Roe v Wade be overturned. The importance of overturning this statute was critical in ensuring Texans seeking abortions could travel to New Mexico with the passage of Texas’s SB8 Abortion Ban.

Strong Families New Mexico

Image courtesy of Strong Families New Mexico, a Forward Together program

Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH), helped to repeal Illinois’ Parental Notification on Abortion (PNA) law.

ICAH has been organizing to repeal PNA since 2013, ensuring that young people’s voices and strategies were centered over the years in the state’s Reproductive Rights and Health Coalition. ICAH’s organizing efforts ensured that this victory was intersectional and took into account racial justice, gender justice, and disability justice.

Bold Futures
Image courtesy of Bold Futures

In a climate where anti-RJ forces are fighting “Critical Race Theory” and LGBTQ education at school boards across the country, The West Fund met with El Paso’s school board and advocated to expand Comprehensive Sex Education curriculum that is gender inclusive and explicitly supports reproductive justice even in a conservative school district.