Establishing Perinatal Emergency Response in Louisana: Birthmark Doula Collective

In Spring of 2022, in light of the national infant formula shortage, BJF grantee Birthmark Doula Collective and the New Orleans Breastfeeding Coalition assembled “Infant Ready” kits in advance of Louisiana’s hurricane season, educated healthcare professionals in best practices for emergency infant feeding, and stood ready to distribute mutual aid to clients without evacuation plans or other options.

In partnership with the Louisiana Department of Health, Birthmark is developing policy and providing training on perinatal emergency response in the state, including establishing BIPOC community-based lactation support circles in rural areas and shaping the state’s official public guidance for families and providers using non-judgmental language for formula feeding.

Birthmark is also collaborating with the New Orleans Maternal Child Health Coalition and the New Orleans Mama+ Health Agenda to successfully advocate for the passage of Louisiana HB 650 and 651 to support insurance reimbursement for human donor milk.