For 13 years now, Groundswell Fund’s annual evaluation report of the Reproductive Justice movement has provided funders, grantmaking partners, donors, and the field with birds-eye level information on trends, challenges, and emerging issues.

It has also shared headlines about the impact of our two capacity building programs: the Integrated Voter Engagement Program and the Grassroots Organizing Institute.

Our recently released 2019 Strategy, Action, and Impact: Groundswell Fund’s Evaluation of the Reproductive Justice Movement Report shows how our grantee partners are responding to today’s political reality through base-building strategies. 

This year’s report relies primarily on grantee surveys completed by 70 RJ organizations in 2019. In addition to documenting the grantees’ strategies, wins, lessons, and challenges, this report highlights trends across several years, including Groundswell’s role in helping to catalyze philanthropic giving to the RJ movement.

RJ Impact Evaluation Report

Recording of the Reproductive Justice Movement Evaluation Briefing

Below is the recording of the virtual briefing held in September 2020. During this briefing, we discussed challenges and emerging issues within the RJ movement, as well as an opportunity to gather insight on how our investments in this space are building the path towards our collective liberation.