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 “I support Groundswell Fund because Groundswell trusts women of color. Groundswell knows that when women of color and poor women are at decision making tables, decisions about the environment, our health, the economy and democracy will be better for all of us.”

– Connie Heller, Individual Donor & Chair of Groundswell Fund’s Board of Directors

“We are proud to support the GSF because we understand the importance of state-level reproductive justice organizing and this is an area of huge expertise for the GSF.”

– Dimple Abichandani, Executive Director, General Service Foundation

“The funder advocacy that the Groundswell team does is important and has been key in shifting philanthropic dollars towards reproductive justice organizations, through Groundswell and beyond.”

— Sarah Abelow, Overbrook Foundation

Groundswell Fund was started 15 years ago by two individual donors who had given generously to support reproductive freedom for years and were frustrated. They were frustrated by the continued erosion of reproductive rights across the U.S. Frustrated that they did not always have the time or relationships to identify the leading organizations, particularly at the grassroots level. Frustrated at hearing grantees describe their capacity challenges and not feeling equipped to help out. Frustrated that there didn’t seem to be enough foundations and donors moving enough money to reproductive freedom. They created Groundswell to increase the ripple effect of their giving. Today more than 20 foundations and 250 individual donors are currently partnering with Groundswell. For them and dozens of donors like them, Groundswell has been an effective way to achieve this ripple effect.

Groundswell provides a vehicle that moves dollars to the strongest, most promising groups in the field and matches these grants dollar-for-dollar. Because Groundswell funds more RJ groups than any other foundation in the country and houses the most robust annual evaluation of this movement, its donor partners can see a bigger picture of how the movement is progressing overall — what are the trends, the opportunities, the challenges. Groundswell also pairs the grants it awards with capacity building support to strengthen the ability of organizations to engage voters and run smart grassroots organizing campaigns. Most of all, Groundswell is successful at raising the visibility of money flowing to the RJ movement from a wider community of foundations and donors — whether or not those resources come through our doors.

Groundswell plays a leadership role in several foundation affinity groups and creates spaces for learning and engagement of foundation staff members and individual donors. Groundswell’s individual donor program is currently organized into three areas:


Discover it: Learning spaces where donors are introduced to Groundswell and the work of our grantees via calls, briefings, webinars and dinners. Donors are encouraged to ask questions of Groundswell staff, grantees, and each other about strategies and key issues in the field.

Experience it: Opportunities to see Groundswell’s work in action, including accompanying staff on site visits, going door knocking/canvassing with grantees, attending grantee convenings or observing capacity building trainings.

Celebrate it: Events where donors have an opportunity to network with each other, celebrate Groundswell’s work and impact, meet grantees and give.

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“Educational Foundation of America supports Groundswell Fund because we believe that IVE is a really powerful way to grow our movement .”

– Laura Nixon, Program Officer, Educational Foundation of America

“WestWind proudly supports Groundswell Fund because it enables us to support groups on the ground and build our capacity as an organization to support women of color-led organizations.”

– Kristen Mahoney, Program Officer, WestWind Foundation

“The Overbrook Foundation and I personally support Groundswell Fund because they fiercely support RJ advocates to grow and strengthen their work.”

– Sarah Abelow, Human Rights Program Associate, The Overbrook Foundation