Black Trans Fund Community Care Grant

The Grants Application Cycle is Closed

Eligibility & Funding Priorities

The Black Trans Fund (BTF) defines Black trans-led organizations as organizations with a minimum of 75% of leadership and decision-making staff identifying as Black and trans and includes:

  1. organizations with a majority Black trans-led board, staff, and volunteers in decision-making positions;
  2. a Black trans-led coalition; or
  3. a Blacktrans-led effort within a majority of people of color-led organizations. Organizations must have Black trans leaders indecision-making positions at the staff and board level, directly benefiting and sustaining Black trans communities.

The Black Trans Fund will direct Community Care funding to the following areas:

  • Mutual Aid – Moving resources directly to the community, offering to support the well-being of the community.
  • Wellness and Healing – Offerings of healing sessions, convening, retreats, mental and emotional health support, and gender-affirming care.
  • Organizing and Activism – Community-organized campaigns, educational offerings, and training, leadership development, and movement response.
  • Gender Justice for Trans and Gender-Expansive Youth – supporting organizations and initiatives that protect, support, and advocate for trans youth in schools, sports, health, and wellness amidst current legislative threats and/or bans on body autonomy and affirmation.
  • Reproductive Justice – supporting organizations and initiatives that center body autonomy, birth justice, abortion access, and family building/protections for trans folks across identities.
  • Arts and Culture – Visual Arts, Digital Arts & Media, Performing Arts, and Cultural Preservation Work

Black Trans Fund 2023 CCG Funding Priorities*:

  • Organizations that center and sustain Black trans Joy and Liberation
  • Organizations with strong Black trans politics
  • Organizations that intentionally name Black trans communities in their mission and vision
  • Black trans organizations in rural areas of the Midwest, Southwest, and South
  • Organizations led by Black trans masc identified folks supporting Black trans communities
  • Organizations led by Black trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and gender expansive folks supporting Blacktrans communities
  • Organizations with a commitment to supporting Black trans folks with disabilities and chronic illnesses

What the Black Trans Fund Community Care Grant does not fund:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations without an active 501c3
  • Organizations that are not US Based
  • Organizations that are not explicit in their mission and vision about supporting Black trans and gender-nonconforming/gender expansive-communities
  • Organizations that submit applications that center despair and statistics
  • Organizations that do not articulate how their work uplifts, centers, and sustains joy and liberation for Black trans communities.
  • Sponsorship requests
  • Funding for housing programs, housing permits, and new property purchases**
  • Funding gaps or operational costs for general operational funding
  • Work or projects that have already occurred
  • Rapid Response/Urgent funding for time-sensitive requests

*While this list is not exhaustive, we strongly encourage applications from these organizations/communities. Some Black trans identities are not listed here because we usually receive a healthy amount of applications from those organizations. We seek more diversity in our applications and have listed these areas as a priority, but all applications from our expansive community are welcome!

** BTF is committed to funding that is aligned with our values, centering joy and liberation. Housing requests require a bit more due diligence, so we have decided to hold on funding this work while we get better acquainted with housing offerings that don’t police our folks and can be sustainable beyond funding for start-up costs.

Application Process

  1. Our new application is now all online in Fluxx!
  2. Follow this link to start the pre-application or click either pink ‘APPLY’ button at the top or bottom of this page.
  3. Our team will verify submissions, and pre-applications that are approved will move forward to complete a proposal submission.
  4. Once your proposal questions are completed and additional information that is required is submitted, you will be notified that your application is in review.
  5. Once the application is in review our Black Trans Fund Team will carefully consider each request for funding.
  6. If there are any additional questions, we will reach out. Otherwise, you will be contacted about your determination in early July.
  7. If your pre-application does not meet the basic requirements for funding, you will be notified and will not proceed in the process.


Review and Determination

Community Care Grants will be in review with the Black Trans Fund team, which includes our advisors, staff, and trusted community consultants. Determinations are made based on our funding priorities, BTF values, and total funding budget.

We will notify you about our determination if your application is not accepted for funding.

We look forward to reviewing your submission!