If/When/How, Repro Legal Defense Fund

The Repro Legal Defense Fund covers bail and funds strong defenses for people who are investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for self-managed abortion. Because no one should be behind bars for ending their own pregnancy or for helping someone else do so.

Key Issues
  • Reproductive Justice

If/When/How believes a person’s right to an abortion is vital to exercising bodily autonomy. But many laws and policies keep people from accessing the abortion care they want and need.

“Ending a pregnancy should never be the business of cops or courts. In fact, from gender-affirming care to abortion care, the state should not have control over these decisions.”

People who self-manage abortion — either because they can’t access a clinic or because it’s the care that feels right to them — can depend on the Repro Legal Defense Fund to fund bail and provide the financial support needed to mount strong defenses if they’re investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for ending their pregnancy.