CHOICES. Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Memphis, TN

CHOICES envisions a world where sexual and reproductive healthcare is recognized as an essential human right. Their services are open to everyone and they offer medication and procedural abortions, gynecological wellness care, gender-affirming hormone therapy, HIV testing and referrals, birth control, midwife-led prenatal care and births, and more.

Grant Amount


In preparation for the fall of Roe v. Wade, BJF grantee CHOICES created a plan to ensure the maximum possible continuation of its full spectrum reproductive health services.

Despite the devastating loss of abortion access in Tennessee after the SCOTUS decision, CHOICES is here to stay. Though the organization will no longer be providing abortions in its Memphis facility, it will continue to provide all other sexual and reproductive health care, such as birth control, HIV testing and prevention, gender-affirming hormone therapy, STI testing, sexual wellness check-ups, perinatal and birth services, and more.

In the fall, CHOICES opened a new clinic three hours away from Memphis, TN in Carbondale, IL, where abortion is protected by state law, to continue to serve pregnant people—those who want to be pregnant and those who do not–with full-spectrum reproductive care.