Avow Foundation for Abortion Access

We’re working for a better Texas: where every person is trusted, thriving, and free to pursue the life they want.

Grant Amount

$10,000 (RRF)

Key Issues
  • Gender Justice
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Reproductive Justice

Avow Foundation for Abortion Access was awarded $10,000 in May to develop a comprehensive survey and inventory of the national legal resources available and to create a legal support network for Texans facing civil or criminal liability due to abortion bans.

In response to the fall of Roe, Avow Texas and the Repro Power Dallas Coalition combined advocacy with the collective need for community healing to coordinate an Abortion Liberation rally outside Dallas City Hall.

The rally centered on the voices of abortion storytellers whose intersecting identities around immigration status, race, gender, and age emphasized the fact that the weight of abortion restrictions does not fall evenly across all Texans.

Young people, queer and trans-Texans, low-income people, folks in rural communities, and Black and Brown Texans shoulder the majority of the burden of abortion bans. They must be centered in the movement for abortion justice. Avow Texas fights for dignity, autonomy, and respect for all Texans. Avow believes that “To be free requires freedom for all of us, which is the world Avow works towards.

“Abortion is common, it’s normal, and it’s a reality of our lives. Everyone loves someone who has an abortion.”

Avow uses gender-inclusive language because trans and non-binary people have abortions too.

It’s not a coincidence that trans and abortion rights are experiencing a full-on assault throughout Texas and the country. Both movements are about the fight for dignity, respect, and bodily autonomy.

“We refuse to leave trans and gender-expansive people behind in our fight to secure abortion access for all. We must include everyone to secure full liberation.”