Vanessa Daniel’s speech at 2018 United State of Women Summit.

Women of color are shining a light on the path to freedom for all of us. #USOW2018 #USOW18 #SeeUsLiftUsFundUs Women are in the majority, women of color are in the lead and Black women are at the vanguard. #UnitedStateofWomen

Naa Hammond’s speech at the “Where We Go From Here” Reception in 2017.

Groundswell Fund Program Officer, Naa Hammond, speaks to crowd of 600 at the “Where We Go From Here” reception following the Women’s March in 2017.

Vanessa Daniel, speaks to a crowd of 500 donor and activists at “Take Back the Ball” fundraiser in 2017.

“No group stood up more clearly to hate during this election than WOC (Women of Color) and Black women were at the vanguard of that effort. So as we prepare to face the dual headed monster of misogyny and of white supremacy, WOC, who have for hundreds of years in this country been battling that same monster for our very survival have something to teach America in this moment about how to fight!” #solidarity #reproductivejustice #womenofcolor #womensmarch #j20 #womensmarchonwashington #mutemonday