Meet Our Team

Lauren J. Granderson

Lead IT Manager


Lauren first got her start in IT by working at Best Buy for Geek Squad and from there, continued to gain experience by working at the IT Helpdesk during her college career. Lauren has always had a love for technology since she unboxed her first PC at the young age of eight. She has obtained her Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences with an emphasis on Family and Individual Development from Northern Illinois University. Lauren plans on pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to be able to start her own practice providing care to communities that do not have access to mental health resources.

Lauren continues to be a catalyst for change through her own personal affairs publicly and privately. Recently, she and a few other members of the LGBTQIA+ community have decided to come together to create an organization that specifically caters to “at-risk” and underrepresented Trans-women of Color to help find resources for employment, housing, and other basic necessities. By doing this work, Lauren hopes to motivate and show other TWOC that they are able to achieve and accomplish whatever they desire; including the ability to start and raise a family of their own. Lauren is so passionate about helping and becoming a voice for others because she has faced many of these challenges herself.

In Lauren’s free time, she loves to spend time with her 1-year-old nephew Santana, go on long road trips, and take scenic photos! Having an obsession with road trips and scenic views, she’s booked over 10,000 miles on the road! If she’s not with her nephew or in the car heading somewhere, then you’ll most likely find her spending quality time with friends and family.