Meet Our Team

Kristina Danielle

Grantmaking Program Assistant


Kristina Danielle is a VERY Black Southern Queer NonBinary Abolitionist raised in Middle Tennessee and currently living in Southern Appalachia. They moved to Knoxville in 2004 to attend the University of Tennessee where they were quickly disillusioned by racism, misogyny, and unbridled classism in the university system. This inspired them to begin an in-depth study of Black Liberation Theology, and what it means to be Black and Queer in America. Their current focus is centered in the complete liberation of Black and Brown Queer folks from white supremacist patriarchal capitalism. They have over seven years of active organizing experience.

Over the past three years, Kristina has most notably been active in leadership organizing in multiple Black Queer led grassroots organizations including Knoxville’s Black Mama’s Bailout Action (whose focus is to free Black folks from incarceration and to end cash bail, pretrial detention, and the criminalization of poverty) and the Knoxville Chapter of Southerners On New Ground where they were awarded the Murph’s Kindred Fellowship from 2020-2021.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kristina worked in coalition with TN Organizing 4 Power that involved multiple non-profit organizations across the state of Tennessee to co-author statewide demands to expand health care, protect workers and jobs, address housing, and protect young people, educators, parents/caregivers and students which resulted in multiple victories across Tennessee. They also regularly host educational workshops as well as events and safe spaces that center BIPOC communities.

In their free time, Kristina loves gardening, playing music, and spending time with family and friends.