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Xavier MaatRa

DAB of Consulting


Xavier Maatrais a queer transmasculine nonprofit consultant, community educator, activist, and urban farmer from Southern New Jersey currently thriving in Chicago, IL. For over 15 years, he has traveled the country as a labor organizer, social justice workshop facilitator, and youth advocate. Throughout his career as a grassroots community educator, Xavier has worked with thousands of people from across the United States, including students from the UK, Iraq, and various countries across South America.

In 2016, Xavier launched DAB of Consulting. A DAB of Consulting specializes in innovative and interactive sessions in the areas of nonprofit management, youth development, organizing skills, and social justice issues. X has also been active in Chicagoland Urban Agriculture for over a decade. In 2018 they became owner and operator of Chi City Foods LLC. Chi City Foods LLC is a micro vegetable farm driven by the passion to provide poor and marginalized groups in Chicago with access to fresh produce and training opportunities in urban agriculture. CCF’s signature program, The Pop Up PantryProject, partners with local LGBTQ farmers and community organizations to grow and give away free produce to LGBTQ people throughout Chicago.

Why did you agree to join BTF’s advisory committee?

My work has taught me that funding for us by us is essential to building sustainable movements that change our material conditions while adapting to the issues as defined by the people not the whims of funders who rarely come from our communities. I also joined BTF advisory committee because I was excited for the opportunity to learn and be active in type of philanthropy that supports movements for social justice that center black and trans people across various issues.