Vanessa Daniel

Executive Director

Charlene Sinclair

Managing Director

Judy Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra DelValle

Director of Programs

Xiomara Corpeño

Director of Capacity Building

Quanita Toffie

Director of Civic Engagement and Electoral Organizing

Lanita Morris

Program Manager, Grassroots Organizing Institute

Jennifer Parrish Taylor

Program Manager, Integrated Voter Engagement

Naa Hammond

Program Officer

Cecilia Sáenz Becerra

Program Officer

J. F. Lyles

Development Manager

Bev Avery

Operations & IT Manager

Terican Gross

Executive Assistant

Janet Favela Sonneman

Capacity Building Trainer

Krystal Kwong

Program Associate

Anupa Gewali

Program Associate

Kerani Mitchell

Accounting Associate

Angella Bellota

Development Associate

Bré Campbell

Program Fellow