For eleven years now, Groundswell Fund’s annual evaluation report of the Reproductive Justice movement has provided funders, grantmaking partners, donors, and the field with birds-eye level information on trends, challenges, and emerging issues.

Every year we take some time to assess the impact of our three capacity-building programs (Integrated Voter Engagement, Grassroots Organizing Institute, and Ecosystem Initiative); as well as the impact of our broader funding and work with grantee partners across the reproductive justice movement. Our recently released 2018 Capacity-Building Report and 2018 Power & Vision: Groundswell Fund’s Evaluation of the Reproductive Justice Movement Report show how our grantee partners are responding to today’s political reality through base-building strategies. As they lift themselves up, they lift all of us. Together, we build our collective power.

RJ Impact Evaluation Report

In 2018, Groundswell leveraged the support of national funders and donors to award grants to 72 reproductive justice organizations and seven grantmaking partners, contributing to an investment of $14.1 million in the reproductive justice movement.

Capacity Building Report

In 2018, Groundswell dedicated $5.6 million in capacity-building resources to the organizing and civic engagement infrastructure needed to power the reproductive justice movement. Thirty-six organizations participated in our three capacity building programs.