Transgender Advocates, Knowledgeable, Empowering (TAKE) Resource Center

Birmingham, AL

Working together as a community to empower trans people of color by meeting needs and increasing accessibility

Grant Amount

20000 (BTF), $75,000 (CBF)

Key Issues
  • Housing Justice
  • Sex Worker Rights
  • Trans Justice
  • Workers Rights

By meeting immediate community needs and organizing to combat discrimination and build political power, TAKE Resource Center empowers trans women of color in Birmingham, Alabama. TAKE offers a range of services to support members to heal from trauma and love each other, including peer support groups, retreats, life coaching, a drop-in center, and a crisis fund. TAKE Resource Center’s transitional housing program, Gloria’s House has expanded its service to provide housing to fourteen trans femmes, transmasculine and non-binary trans people struggling with housing insecurity due to discriminatory housing practices enabled by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the Trump administration.

Image courtesy of TAKE

Peer advocates within TAKE participate in know your rights education and trainings on workforce discrimination and are trained in civic engagement strategies so that they can help build member awareness and capacity to organize around political issues impacting most trans Alabamians. TAKE was founded by Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd who also founded and co-directs Trans United, a grantee of Groundswell Action Fund. TAKE is also one of Groundswell Fund’s newest grantees of Groundswell’s Integrated Voter Engagement Program.