Trans Queer Pueblo – Semilla de Liberacion

Phoenix, AZ

In our organization we create community solutions to solve our basic needs, we cultivate the leadership of LGBT people and migrants of color to transform our needs into community power and fight for social justice for all. En nuestra organización creamos soluciones comunitarias para resolver nuestras necesidades básicas, cultivamos el liderazgo de las personas LGBT+ migrantes de color para transformar nuestras necesidades en poder comunitario y pelear por la justicia social para todos.

Grant Amount

$45,000 (GOI), $62,500 (C)

Grantee Since


Key Issues
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Trans Justice

Trans Queer Pueblo, an autonomous LGBTQ+ migrant organization, has increased its direct service and mutual aid work to support the self-determination, autonomy, wellbeing, and liberation of trans and queer undocumented and documented migrants in Phoenix, AZ.

In 2021, it provided mutual aid support to its members that went beyond monetary aid or services. It couples mutual aid programs with leadership development opportunities, turning folks who come to Trans Queer Pueblo for help today, into tomorrow’s empowered community warriors.


Trans Queer Pueblo

Image courtesy of Trans Queer Pueblo

Each of Trans Queer Pueblo’s projects is framed around a cycle of power building, where half of the goals are focused on mutual aid (including providing money, health clinic services, moral support, support for detained immigrants, etc.) and the other half of the goals are focused on building community power.

During the pandemic, Trans Queer Pueblo’s self-governed healthcare clinic, Clínica Liberación, has been a self-sustaining outreach and base-building vehicle, helping the organization to reach new community members to bring into its reproductive justice organizing efforts.