The Mahogany Project

Houston, TX

The Mahogany Project aims to reduce social isolation, stigma, and acts of injustice in TQLGB+ Communities of Color.

Grant Amount

$5,000 (BTF) + $5,000 (RRF)

Key Issues
  • Trans Justice

In April 2022, The Mahogany Project was awarded $10,000 to provide gender-affirming health care to trans youth in light of anti-trans legislation in Texas.

Transgender men, nonbinary and genderqueer people assigned female at birth are seeking abortion services in some of the most venerable times of their lives while navigating a healthcare system riddled with medical mistrust and lack of compassion for Black people.

Further perpetuating the idea that abortion is a “cis” women’s health issue is moving us further away from a conversation on how abortion affects families, geographic communities, and the TQLGB+ community.

The past 50 years, the conversation surrounding abortion access and reproductive justice has fostered a misconception that those seeking abortions are exclusively cisgender women or female-identifying individuals. However, abortions are fundamental health rights accessed by transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer people!

To build a better reproductive health system that is inclusive of all, Non-binary and trans people must be included in the conversation.