The Knights & Orchids Society (TKO)

Selma, AL

The Knights and Orchids Society Inc. builds the power of transgender, lesbian, bisexual, and gay Black people across the south by providing a spectrum of health and wellness services.

Grant Amount

$50,000 (C), $25,000 (BTF), $5,000 (BTF) + $5,000 (RRF)

Grantee Since


Key Issues
  • Trans Justice

Founded in 2012, The Knights & Orchid Society (TKO) provides affirming STD/STI testing, reproductive care, and Trans-Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) care. They also provide behavioral support services and direct support assistance in a financial or housing crisis.

In May 2022, TKO was awarded $20,000 from the Rapid Response Fund to hire youth organizers to scale up base building work to address the negative impact that anti-trans legislation will have on the health and well-being of Alabama’s transgender youth.

Our work doesn’t start or stop with legislation. We’re invested in the healing and wellness of our people; that hasn’t changed. It won’t change. We will continue to fight for and with our people. We keep us safe.