Dignity Power

Miami, FL

Dignity Power’s mission is to build political power amongst incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and impacted women and girls + across the country. Our founders have spent countless hours accumulating and combing through stories of lived experiences and science driven data relating to the incarceration of women and girls + in the state of Florida. Our founders used that data to train our Dignity Power members on policy writing, lobbying, and advocacy in correlation to the data.

Grant Amount

$10,000 (RRF)

Key Issues
  • Abolition
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Reproductive Justice

Dignity Power received $10,000 Rapid Response Fund grant in March 2022 to mobilize their base to initiate a campaign to bring awareness to Ava’s Law in Florida, which ensures pregnant incarcerated women can give birth with dignity and have the opportunity to defer the imposed sentence until a certain time after delivery.

Founders of Dignity Power Inc. have trained over 200 formerly incarcerated women across the state of Florida on how to share their stories with their elected officials, how to lead discussions about the impact of incarceration on women, and how to organize and mobilize other formerly incarcerated and impacted women in their communities.

Ultimately, this group of women included transgender women, Lesbians, and non-binary folks that brought unique experiences to the conversation; leading to the creation of Dignity Power +, a project of Dignity Power Inc. to ensure that our LGBTQ community has equal representation in criminal justice reform legislation.

Dignity Power

Thanks in part to the funding received from Groundswell Fund, we had the capacity to collectively mobilize constituents across the state of Florida in collaboration with Florida for Reproductive Freedom. In partnership with FRF (Floridians for Reproductive Freedom), we worked alongside 65 different orgs fighting for reproductive rights and a woman’s right for bodily autonomy. We galvanized our member base to actively protest the ‘Don’t say Gay’ bill, Anti-trans legislation, and the recent oppressive Roe V. Wade decision. Our work continues to center the liberation and healing justice needed for women and girls + to feel safe and whole in this world.