Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation

Philadelphia, PA

The Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation (CBTEL) was created for and by Black, transgender Philadelphians. The mission of this group is to redistribute wealth, in its many forms, from non-black people everywhere to Black LGBTQ+ people in Philadelphia.

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Key Issues
  • Economic Justice
  • Trans Justice

Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation (CBTEL) was established by and for transgender people and gender non-conforming people of color during the COVID-19 crisis in Philadelphia.

CBTEL is at a critical juncture of building systems of mutual aid and economic liberation where reparative micro-grants are distributed to Black transgender individuals and a house on a land trust will become a safe haven for LGBTQIA+ people of color.

This year, they received both a Rapid Response Fund and Black Trans Fund grant totaling $12,000 to distribute monetary, physical, and material resources to Black transgender and non-conforming people in Philadelphia, in addition to preparing CBTEL Headquarters as a hub for community building.