Black Trans Media

Black Trans Media

Brooklyn, NY

Black Trans Media is a project based in Brooklyn led by and for Black Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) communities that works at the intersections of arts, media, education, and organizing to address racism and transphobia. We are creating a world where black trans folks are uplifted in our communities and in control of our own narratives and futures.

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Key Issues
  • Trans Justice

Black Trans Media is committed to building the power of Black trans people and trans communities of color. It works at the intersections of racial and gender justice, confronting racism and transphobia in institutions and everyday life.

Black Trans Media shifts and reframes the value and worth of Black trans people by creating and supporting media that amplifies the Black trans experience, organizing community-based events around issues of injustice and liberation, and centering Black trans folks in its work and its leadership.

Its projects and collaborations connect Black trans people, the broader public, and sustainable opportunities to build, showcase, heal, and celebrate Black trans lives. Black Trans Media shifts transphobia by uplifting Black trans people, transforms conditions by telling stories and using those stories to build power and organize, creating a cultural organizing space for Black trans people.

Black Trans Media creates social change, making conditions better for Black trans communities by honoring the legacy of Black trans leaders, past and present, and centering Black trans people. A grassroots organization, Black Trans Media seeks to invest in the community to ensure that the Black trans community is seen on its own terms, is supported, and has access to the funds needed to maintain housing for trans and queer communities of color.