About Us

Our Mission

Groundswell supports a stronger, more effective U.S. movement for reproductive justice by mobilizing new funding and capacity building resources to grassroots organizing and policy change efforts led by low income women, women of color and transgender people.

Our Vision

We envision a reproductive justice movement whose grassroots leadership and base receive the resources necessary to become well organized; racially, economically and generationally diverse; and powerful enough to win transformational policy and systems change.  Reproductive Justice will be achieved when all people have the social, political, and economic power necessary to make healthy decisions about their gender, bodies, sexuality, and reproduction. Adapted from Forward Together’s definition of reproductive justice.

Our Approach

Our strategic grantmaking supports constituency and movement building work that is accelerating policy and systems change. Our powerful funding vehicles enable individual and institutional donors to increase the impact of their giving by having their contributions paired with evaluation and capacity building support for grantees. Those vehicles, when leveraged through matching grants, also generate increased visibility and resources for reproductive justice organizations.

GROUNDSWELL FUND · 436 14th Street, Suite 723 · Oakland, CA 94612 · P 510.444.5900